Here are some of the most common questions new players have.

  1. How do I start the match?
    1. Once you have loaded into a game you can begin the match by standing in briefing room exit and readying up by hitting "F". The game may take a bit to start, look for the countdown timer!
  2. How do I spawn into the game?
    1. Spawning in this game is a lot like PlanetSide 2. Spawn points are visible by solid yellow icons on your TACMAP. Each spawn point has a timer indicating when the next spawn can occur. You will also notice that you can cycle spawn points or locations with arrows at the bottom of the TACMAP. Look for friendly bases, vehicles, and breaches to spawn at!
  3. How do I change my weapons?
    1. Refer to the Loadout page on how to equip yourself for combat.
  4. I am stuck on a ship and nothing is happening, how do I get to the combat?
    1. Depending on the type of ship you are on it probably has a hangar with smaller craft that you can fly. It is recommended to take one of these and join the space battle OR ride passenger in a dropship and participate in a breach. Though you can always stay on the ship and repair its systems!
  5. How do I join a Squad?
    1. You can join a squad through the TAB menu. The squad icon is on the lower left. Look for the squad you want to join and select "Move".