In the Incursion gamemode, one team is attacking and the other is defending.

Maps have different objectives in different numbers.

If all currently available objectives are completed by the attacking team, they will move on to the next stage. If all stages are completed, the attacking team wins.

Else, if time runs out, the defending team wins.

For example: the map Igneous Platform has the AIA on offense across 3 stages: the first 2 stages involve capturing 2 points each, and the final stage has a single capture point.

Completing stages grants additional time to the attackers, and usually causes combat to move further along the map. On Igneous, after completing stages 1 and 2, a new LZ becomes capturable for the AIA. Note that Landing Zones are never required objectives: the next stage's objectives will also be available.

Landing Zones that become available after completing a stage will replace old ones (but they're a lot closer to the new objectives).

There are 4 types of objective currently:

  • Capture (stand on it while no enemies are around to capture)
  • Hack (plant a spike on it, then protect it from enemies until the hack is complete)
  • Destroy (shoot and destroy it)
  • Repair (use the Multiwrench to fix it)