Overview Edit

Breaching is the act of taking a dropship and drilling into the hull of an enemy ship.

Creating a Breach Edit

For a breach to occur a Battleship must be sufficiently damaged to allow a Breach Point to be accessed. The Breach Point must then be approached by a Dropship and then the breach can commence. The dropship pilot can engage the breaching process by getting near the point and hitting "F" to engage the autopilot.

Closing a Breach Edit

Dropships that have successfully attached to a Breach Point are still vulnerable to attack from enemy spacecraft. Hard hitting anti-armor weapons or bombs will make short work of them.

Breach Gameplay Edit

Attacking Edit

Once a dropship has breached the enemy ship it will be come a forward spawn point for friendly players. It is recommended that the dropship carry an initial detachment of players to defend it against enemies on the ship.

Attacking players will be looking to destroy critical Ship Systems. You can attack the terminals directly to sabotage them.

The primary target of a breach is the ships reactor core, which when destroyed will cause the ship to begin self-destructing. A countdown timer of 60 seconds will commence before the ship and all players still on board are obliterated.

It is important to have friendly spacecraft defending your dropship from the outside as players who have spawned inside the ship cannot stop it from being damaged outside.

Defending Edit

Defenders will be looking to protect their Ship Systems and reactor core. The easiest way to defend the ship is to drive the enemies back toward their breach point and have friendly spacecraft destroy the dropship from the outside.