Overview Edit

Deploy screen

Once a player has chosen their faction at the beginning of a match they will be placed in the spawning queue. The spawning menu itself is part of the TACMAP.

The spawn menu is made up of these 4 sections to the bottom and bottom right of the TACMAP:

  • > DEPLOY <

You can respawn at any time (even while alive!) by accessing the TACMAP in redeploy mode. If you're in command mode (units are not dimmed and spawnpoints are not visible), you can switch modes by clicking REDEPLOY in the bottom right.

Note that this also works the other way around: if you want to send commands while dead, switch to COMMAND mode in the bottom right. (Just remember to switch back to respawn!)

You can look through all available spawnpoints by using the LOCATOR (click "LOCATOR" in the bottom left, and set the type to "SPAWNPOINTS"). Otherwise, you can first select a location with the "LOC" left and right arrows, and then choose a spawnpoint with the "SPAWN" left and right arrows.

The INF PRESET menu lets you select one of your available loadouts to spawn as. If you can't find a loadout you just made, make sure it's for your current team! (Loadouts aren't shared between teams, as they have different weapons available to them. - Also note that while in-game, the Loadout editor will default to your current team.)

If your loadout is over budget, you cannot spawn with it.

Deploy screen with vehicle

If a vehicle is available to you from the vehicle queue, it will replace the spawn menu and you must choose whether to accept or decline the vehicle.

If respawning, your last used space fighter can be found as a spawnpoint. This lets you get right back into the action!