Ranger Class Multi-Role Frigate

Ranger Class Multi-Role Frigate

The Ranger Class Frigate is a fairly heavily armed firgate capible of launching all four types of starfighter/strike craft from a hanger located toward the front of the ship.


The Ranger Class Frigate is armed with four weapons: a beam weapon, heavy missiles, light missiles, and a mine launcher. The beam weapon currently has only one fire mode and needs to be charged before it will fire. Currently players can start charging the weapon before the overheat indicator runs down. Both types of missiles have two fire modes; one firing a large group of missiles, and the other a smaller group of missiles. The mines are launched in a circular formation from around the center towards the rear of the ship. The majority of the weapons systems consoles are located on the bottom deck of the ship between the bridge and the hanger on the left hand side of the ship.